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23 July 2013

Larry Grathwohl...

From David P.


Unsung David, Larry Grathwohl passes away

By Ben Barrack
I’ll never forget that moment in 2008, just days before America elected Barack Obama as President of the United States. It was a video excerpt from a 1982 documentary. The excerpt featured a man named Larry Grathwohl, who little more than a decade earlier had infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI in 1969; Grathwohl was the only man who had done so successfully. In 1970, despite his protestations, the FBI needed a bust and decided to close in, arresting Linda Evans, an Underground member, and Grathwohl. At that point, Grathwohl’s cover was blown. While he was arrested, the Underground learned that he was an FBI informant.
In hindsight, Larry was right. Ayers is still a free man and Bill Clinton, with the help of then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, pardoned Evans

On July 18, 2013, this true American hero and patriot passed away; he will be greatly missed.
In 2008, the mainstream media refused to vet Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers, the group’s leader. Grathwohl knew Ayers personally and testified in front of Congress about his time on the inside.
In that 1982 documentary, Grathwohl spoke of being in a room with leaders of the Underground – to include Ayers – during a meeting. Grathwohl relayed what went on in that meeting. What he recounted was chilling when one stopped to consider the relationship between Ayers and the man who would go on to become president. Among other things, Grathwohl informed viewers that the Weathermen wanted to ‘eliminate 25 million people’ once they took over the U.S. Government:

It was that video that prompted me to reach out to Grathwohl, who I interviewed just a couple of days before election night, 2008. I found him to be warm, sincere, and incredibly concerned for his country. Here was a man who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI, and made himself available again in 2008 to sound the alarm about a very disturbing figure Obama had connections to.
Since that time, I had multiple conversations with Larry. We came to know each other quite well and spoke to one another more times than I can count. He was a man of modest means and a humble heart. I remember one conversation in particular. We were talking about some current news event and he told me that he had been fighting with his dryer that day; it was old and wasn’t working right but getting a new one wasn’t in the budget.
When we hung up, I remember shaking my head as another example of how upside down the world is hit me like a ton of bricks.

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David P from WV said...

I ordered his book, Monday. I look forward to reading about B.H.O.'s mentors.