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15 September 2013

NYPD at it again...

Times Square Shooting: 2 Reported Shot By Police 

Multiple outlets reported that police shot two bystanders in Times Square on Saturday night while trying to control an unstable pedestrian.
CBS Local reported that police were "trying to corral an emotionally disturbed man who was moving in and out of traffic" around 42nd Street and 8th Avenue when they opened fire.
The New York Daily News reports that the two unintended victims were a 35-year-old woman and a 54-year old woman.
According to CBS, both victims suffered "graze wounds."
Kerri Ann Nesbeth, who identified herself as a witness, tweeted a photo of the scene:

Read it here.


"police shot two bystanders"

Not sure there is anything in New York City that could draw me there...

The Police were "trying to corral an emotionally disturbed man who was moving in and out of traffic".  They do that in NYC by shooting?  Wow. Just wow.


Robert Fowler said...

So if someone is "unstable" Bloomie's army just opens fire on them? No weapon, not directly threatening anyone. And if some innocent bystanders are shot in the process, no big deal. I think I'll keep my ass out of NYC.

Blue said...

Nothing in NYC that I'd be interested in...

Six said...

Hysterical Incompetence rears it's ugly head yet again. They won't learn until they're required to learn. The big cities are lost causes I fear.

Blue said...

Six... Crazy, eh? :)