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21 September 2013

They all play the "blame game"...

"Addicted" Biden niece blames veep pressure...

Uncle Joe is making her life a living hell.

Friends say Caroline ­Biden is a “hot mess” with a history of booze and pill addiction — and she blames it all on the tremendous pressure she faces being the vice president’s niece.

“She would complain about it all the time,” a confidant, socialite Paul Johnson Calderon, said without a hint of sarcasm.

“She’s surrounded by a lot of people who use her because of who she is. Guys would want to date her because of who her ­uncle is.”

Cops were called to Caroline’s luxury rental apartment in Tribeca Tuesday morning when the 26-year-old allegedly went on a ­violent rampage, screaming and pounding on the doors in a fight with her roommate over unpaid rent. Caroline was arrested for taking a swing at a ­female cop.

The Georgetown University grad resisted going into a holding cell at a precinct station house and was transported to Beth Israel Hospital in a rolling chair — bizarrely with a towel covering her head.
But Calderon said he wasn’t surprised by her wacky antics.

Read it all here...

Credit to The New York Post.

Yeah, I know that The Post is NYC's answer to The National Enquirer, but still...  :)

I think anyone would have issues being a relative of Creepy Uncle Joe, but it sounds to me like little Caroline Biden may be just a spoiled brat who feels "entitled".  Nothing unusual about that these days.  Nothing special.

My advice to Ms. Biden...?


Grog said...

Idiot twit.

hiswiserangel said...

What pisses me off is she assaulted an LEO and didn't get tazed, kicked, beaten or shot. She got swaddled in a blankie and carried out to an ambulance. How's that for equal justice? The people who truly need their asses handed to them get to skate.

Blue said...

Grog... Yes, an idiot twit.

Angel... Agreed. 100%. Special treatment for "special" people. SO FUCKING WRONG!!!!!