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08 December 2013

Muslim Brotherhood in D.C. ...

From David P. in NC:

Homeland Insecurity: The radical Muslim Brotherhood is often dismissed in the media as a distant threat. In fact, this sworn U.S. enemy isn't just overseas. It's inside the gates of the White House.
At least six American Islamist activists who work closely with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the Center for Security Policy in Washington.
As we list the worst of these subversives, bear in mind that the FBI in 2004 uncovered the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood's strategic plan to infiltrate the U.S. government and sabotage it "from within" during a raid of a Brotherhood operative's home in the D.C. suburb of Annandale on suspicion of terrorist activities. The stated goal of the document: turn America into an Islamic nation.
Also know that, despite media dismissals of the Brotherhood as a "benign" group, it is in fact the parent group of al-Qaida and played a role in the 9/11 plot.
The hijackers got support from several Muslim Brotherhood mosques across the country and were handled by a key Brotherhood leader in America — the CIA-droned cleric Anwar Awlaki, now thought to be the U.S. field commander of the operation.
Let's start with Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council who has met with national security staff inside the White House. He raises perhaps the most alarms.
Elibiary has been accused of "downloading sensitive material from law enforcement databases," according to the Investigative Project. Last month, he tweeted: "I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution."
In October, Elibiary blamed persecuted Coptic Christians for inciting violence in Egypt, claiming in a series of offensive tweets that their raising awareness of atrocities they've suffered promotes "Islamophobic" bigotry and anger by Muslims.
He went on to defend the recently deposed Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Cairo. In earlier tweets, he has praised Egyptian jihadist and Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb, a key mentor of Osama bin Laden.
On his Twitter account, Elibiary sports the Muslim Brotherhood banner. Why is he still advising Homeland Security? Most disturbing, why did he recently get a promotion in the midst of all this controversy?
Another national security adviser to the White House is Imam Mohamed Magid, whose father is a "Cairo-trained Muslim Brotherhood scholar," according to the Center for Security Policy.
Magid, who preaches at a Washington-area mosque, also serves as president of the Islamic Society of North America, which the government says is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.
In 2008, the Justice Department ID'd Magid's ISNA as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history. That designation was upheld by four federal judges on the basis of evidence provided by the government President Obama now controls.
Why is this man telling the White House and FBI how to conduct terrorism investigations?
Then there is Rashad Hussain, whom Obama appointed his special envoy to the Muslim world.
"Hussain has long been involved with various Muslim Brotherhood fronts," states a 51-page pamphlet on the Brotherhood by the Center for Security Policy.
Hussain previously served as deputy associate White House counsel. National security issues were among his areas of responsibility. Hussain helped draft Obama's 2009 speech in Cairo. Banned Muslim Brotherhood leaders were invited to the event.
If the Obama administration will not properly vet the advisers it plucks from the Muslim community, Congress has a duty to step in and do its job for it.
Given the degree of infiltration, a counterintelligence damage assessment should be ordered.



Chris Mallory said...

AIPAC is even more of a threat to the US than the MB is.

Tom Stedham said...

Yeah, I'm far more worried about the evils of AIPAC than these guys. Let's deal with the real threat: the folks who lied us into war with Iraq, and are desperately trying to lie us into war with Iran.
THAT is the threat. Period.