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14 December 2015

Why won't their neighbors help...?


I wonder why their neighbors won't help them?

It's going to be a long trip home from Europe and North America for these refugees when the wars are over in their homelands...  What?  They won't want to go home?  They will rather stay in the west than return to the shitholes they came from?  But, but, but...  Why would that be?  Say it isn't so!


MADDOG62 said...

Their buildings reach into the stratosphere because they have NO FEAR of being a target. I'm sure there is some "insurance $$$" changing hands. How is ISIS so well financed? It's like Turkey - probably bying ISIS oil. EVERYONE can be bought - we're just dickering on price. Any surprises here?

Blue said...

Nope. No surprises at all. Someone is getting richer...