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04 December 2015

WW III at hand...?


World War III is at hand

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david haines ISIS beheading
For many years — decades, really, dating back to the Reagan presidency — our nation has had to deal with Islamist attacks on its citizens and assets around the world.
I used to call it what the media has called it — terrorism — but not anymore. Over the last few years, time and again, I have been reminded of an interview I conducted early in my journalism career.
Leading up to the third anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I had the occasion to interview a retired Army general who spent most of his career as a counterterrorism and Middle East expert. It was a wide-ranging interview (it lasted more than three hours) and covered every aspect of the “War on Terror” and the future under various scenarios.
The results of the interview were condensed down as part of a series of articles commemorating the 2001 attacks. Most of it never saw the day of light, though. Seeing as how national security has become a major issue in the current election cycle, I’ll share with you the Cliff’s Notes version now.
The bullet points:

* the Islamists have declared war against us; we’re at war — a real war against a real enemy, not just an ideology — whether we would have it or not;

* our enemy is willing to wait as long as it takes to secure victory, and we must have the same unwavering resolve to win or we will lose;

* this war, if properly prosecuted, will result in an enormous cost, both in terms of actual financial expense and in terms of American blood spilled, but it is a necessary cost;

* this war will take many years — perhaps generations — to properly prosecute, and our military and civilian leaders need to be honest with the American people about this fact;

* make no mistake; Islam is not a religion, it is a death cult that has as its primary goal the destruction of everything else;

* border security is a vital component of our nation’s long-term security; there must be physical border walls and armed border guards;

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MADDOG62 said...

WW III is here - only liberals deny that FACT. And until this country reinstitutes the Draft in order to fight this total war, then I believe we are NOT committed to winning but losing. We either all fight together or lose separately.