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13 July 2016

Father-Daughter time...


I have no daughter.  I do have a granddaughter.  ;)


idahobob said...

I have three grown daughters, and I have eleven grand daughters (had to think that one out!)


stepinit said...

Where is her ear protection and eye protection?

Blue said...

Good job, Bob! :)

stepinit... She has orange foam ear plugs in place. Her eye protection is on her forehead. (Yellow shooting glasses) Not doing a lot of good there, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Im not sure she's gonna b lookin for earplugs or sunglasses if she needs that weapon! I'd teach her to deal w/the noise and if possible, have some sunglasses available. Realistic training is worth its weight n gold. If u dont sacrifice to much safety. Use fatory ammo. Use a clean serviced weapon for that ammo. Common sense goes along way for realistic training.
John h.

Unknown said...

Dad should probably take a training class. All her weight is on her rear foot and she's not wearing her glasses. I'm not sure that shirt is best choice (although I can't see the neck line) if it has a loose neck line - hot brass sucks.