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02 November 2016

Hillary most ethical leader...

Hillary Clinton is one of the most ethical (and most lied about) political leaders in America

This essay was first published on BNR in January, 2016, and amassed more than half a million shares, making it the most popular article about Hillary Clinton of the campaign. It is reprinted below in full and updated for the general election. (UPDATE: This version has another 140,000+ shares, demonstrating the enduring demand for content that challenges pervasive anti-Clinton narratives.)
Photo: HFA
Democrats are sick and tired of the endless lies about Hillary Clinton, the character attacks, the distortions of her record, the contorted caricature portrayed in the media. They want an unfiltered connection to her without the prism of GOP-style talking points and false frames.

If the headline of this piece blows some minds, you can thank three decades of relentless lies and smears by the conservative attack machine and its corporate media enablers, who have labored to create an aura of corruption around Hillary Clinton. Her detractors on the right, left and center reel off a laundry list of unsupported accusations with an air of absolute authority, as though it is simply a given that she is a terrible, horrible, no-good human being.

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At first I thought this was satire.  I'm not familiar with Shareblue.  Anyway, I suspect that it was written with a straight face.  Her followers believe in her.  They believe with a religious intensity.  She is their Queen, their Supreme Leader...

At this very moment Hillary, and probably the majority of her staff are, or soon will be, under investigation.  It can't be swept under the rug any longer.  They got caught.  Perhaps Karma is finally coming around to bite her on the ass?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I used to wonder how the German people let someone like Hitler come to power but after this year I understand how it happened. Hopefully it can be stopped this time.

Blue said...

Perfect analogy. Her apologists and supporters love her. Those people scare me.

chipmunk said...

I agree -- both with the analogy and that her supporters scare me. How can they not see the evil?

Anonymous said...

This woman deserves the malediction of God that sent Lucifer to the lowest depths of hell. No curse is too strong for this wretched creature who has caused so much suffering and damage.