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15 November 2020

Old Fashioned...


Proof Syrup for Old Fashioned cocktail.  

1/2 oz Proof Syrup, 2 oz Whiskey.  Ice.  Stir.

Good stuff.  Will try it with Buffalo Trace Bourbon soon...

Happy Sunday.


Bigus Macus said...

It's a whiskey, rye whiskey, rye whiskey I cry
If I don't get rye whiskey, well, I think I will die

Blue said...

Tim... Another one I haven't heard in awhile... :)

selsey.steve said...

Laphroig 24-year old single malt. Doesn't need anything added, not even water.
Nectar of the Gods.

Blue said...

Steve... I know some folks love their Scotch. Never been my thing. I've tried it many times. Just doesn't do it for me, but cheers! Enjoy. :)