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09 August 2022

I wonder...


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When Ernie told me a few months ago that tax stamps were being approved for suppressors in well under 90 days if you used the new Form 4 E file system, I said OK, I want another Sparrow.  Gonna put it on a pistol.

They were all coming back to his shop in 81 to 85 days.  They still are.  

Except mine, apparently.

We're currently sitting at 100 days.

I realize that 100 days is considerably less than the 400+ days that it took to approve tax stamps for my last two suppressors, and it is still less than the just shy of 400 days for the one prior to that.


Others, all others, at Ernie's shop are coming back approved in well under 90 days.  All of them.  

I tell myself that it's just a bump, nothing weird going on.  It isn't me, it's the examiner.  If it were disapproved, I should know in the same 90 days, right?  ;)  It's the ATF, right?  lol


Ernie will probably call me tomorrow to come pick it up.  

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