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24 December 2011

Christmas far away...

December 25, 2004

A Christmas message from an Iraqi

Omar from Iraq the Model writes:
It's really hard for us that a beautiful occasion like Christmas comes in sad days like the ones we've been through in Iraq last week.
We lost tens of our Iraqi brothers in Najaf, Kerbala and other Iraqi cities. Those people did nothing wrong except dreaming of a normal life; a dream that is seen as a crime in the eyes of the terrorists.
And we lost tens of our friends in the coalition who did nothing wrong but helping Iraqis in making their dreams come true; and that's another crime in the eyes of the terrorists.
It's never easy for us to see the blood of our brothers and friends being shed everyday but we should also remember that great goals to be achieved need great sacrifices and now it's our duty; we, who are still breathing must make sure that the priceless blood of our brothers and friends was not shed in vain and we should remember that the sacrifices they made were made for a noble reason.
Huge responsibilities are waiting for us; responsibilities towards the coming generations and responsibilities towards the brave ones who sacrificed their lives on the frontline.
We cannot let despair walk into our hearts now and we must keep the faith in our cause and keep the hard work until the dreams of our loved ones come true and I believe we should learn the lesson from the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ who offered his life for the cause he believed in and struggled for; freedom and justice.
Lets all pray for the souls of those who lost their lives defending freedom and justice.
Merry Christmas everyone and may the next Christmas come in better days.
From: Marine Corps Moms...

Think about that.  Please.

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Wonder what it's like today. There is something wrong with the site and I can't search.

Blue said...

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Blue said...

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Borepatch said...

A different world, it seems.

Merry Christmas, Blue.

Blue said...

Yes, a different world.

chinasyndrome said...

Merry Christmas Bro! It seems you know the real meaning of the day.