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15 December 2011


The Air Force has launched an investigation into a controversial photo that shows several non-commissioned officers posing with an open casket, in which a fellow airman poses with a noose around his neck and chains over his body.

The Air Force Times received a copy of the photo over email, which includes the caption, "Da Dumpt, Da Dumpt …. Sucks 2 Be U." The casket is similar to those used to transport deceased U.S. soldiers home from the battlefield.
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told the paper that investigators were mounting an inquiry of the grief the image might cause for families of fallen service members. "We take this matter seriously. [Air Education and Training Command] has initiated a commander directed investigation," Donley said in a statement...

Read the rest here at yahoo news...

Obviously not a very neat deal.  There is some rank in the picture.  All of these Airmen should have known better but there are some senior Airmen in the picture who really should have known better.

Everyone who has ever been in the military has done something dumb, probably on a fairly grand scale.  Many have taken pictures of "doing something dumb".  (myself included)  Our world of instantaneous communication makes it much easier to get into big shit in short order when doing something dumb. 

Were their intentions malicious?  Probably not.  A brief moment in time with some young people goofing off.  Was it the right thing to do?  Obviously not.  Was it insensitive?  I think anyone would agree that it was.  Is it being taken out of context?  Probably.  It will probably be a "career ender" for some of these folks.

I have to ask:  "What were they thinking?"

Stay safe.


RSS Ronald Reagan said...

The sad fact is, if EXACTLY the same thing was done by some senators or cabinet members, they'd probably be able to apologize for a "serious lapse in judgment" and the whole thing would be declared water under the bridge.

Blue said...

RSSRR... I'm sure you're exactly right. We use a different of standards for our "elites".