"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

20 April 2013

The new Freedom...

Nathan Leal's latest article over at The Watchman's Cry on the New Freedom in Amerika.

Dead "Bombers" tell No Tales. Neither do "Dead" Men! Welcome to AmeriKa!

The new freedom has arrived! Only it is not free, nor is it new.
World history is already littered with this type of society; a society where the peasants hide from the raiders who attack the villages. History is populated with the tales of government marauders who oppress the commoners.

This is why the foundation of old America was based on a Constitution that supported rights for freedom which included the right to a trial and the presumption of innocence until PROVEN GUILTY!

The presumption of innocence is a foundational cornerstone of a free society.

But over the past few days, we have all become witnesses to the new courtroom. A tribunal where justice is exercised with the bullets of SWAT teams and Homeland Security agents.

In the old days, a description of a suspect qualified their guilt or innocence with the word, "alleged!" But now with the instantaneous dynamic of the media, people are being indoctrinated to desire a quick remedy which includes blood and a dead body.

Lest we forget, we just saw this happen in California with the ex-officer, Christopher Dorner, who was accused of having a manifesto....He was executed!

You can read the rest here.


Something to think about.  I'm pretty sure that Nathan's thoughts are similar to what many of you already think.

The actions of the law enforcement community after the Boston bombing is a perfect example of the militarization of our police forces today.  Don't think it's just in the big cities and that it "can't happen here" in your small corner of Amerika.  It is everywhere.  No one even had to go out and recruit these people.  They all volunteered once they saw a SWAT Team on TV all those years ago. 

I have a serious problem with the "end justifies the means" mentality that these LEOs exhibited throughout this entire operation.

I also think that there is more to the story.

I will admit that I am surprised that Suspect #2 was taken alive.

Ahhhh well.  No speculation today from my little corner of the world.  :)

Stay safe.


Adrienne said...

I will admit that I am surprised that Suspect #2 was taken alive.

My thoughts exactly!

What I found so chilling was the willingness of the people of Boston to allow police to search their homes and the way the city just shut down.

Did these people really think a bleeding, badly injured, and fairly large adult male could be bumbling around their homes without their knowledge?

We have truly become sheeple...

S. said...

No need to kill suspect #2, the BIG winner in all this is the militarized police. The sheeple were saved by them. They took to the streets in celebration/gratitude putting the militarized police on the altar of glory! YEA!....give us more police...they protected us....who needs rights?

Blue said...

Adrienne... I agree with everything you're saying. Yes, Sheeple. Sad.

S. ... Yep. More police, more protection.

I really thought that #2 would be killed, too. His death would have given the government the ability to write the story any way they see fit, which they'll do anyway.

I do think that Leal's article is spot on.

Bunkerville said...

Everyone locked and loaded would have achieved a much better result than the dictatorship that just was perpetrated.

Blue said...

Bunkerville... I agree with that 100%.

It would have sent a much stronger message to "would be terrorists", too.

Kinda like Isoroku Yamamoto's comment in WWII... "If you fuck with America or Americans you'll be met by people with handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles, people with the will to use them in defense of their Motherland, behind every blade of grass and behind every door, even in the streets."

I think that's what he said :)

Sadly, America has become a nation of pussies, terrorized by their own police forces and lulled into compliance by the offer of Free Shit from their own government.

David P said...

Nathan Leal? C'mon Blue. He's a nutbag. Lending Dorner sympathy is beyond the pale.

David P said...


Blue said...

David... I don't think we'll ever know what Dorner was up to. The LAPD will always and forever control the narrative on that one. :)