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16 August 2013

Though I don't have much to say...

At least not much that anyone would want to listen to...

I know that many bloggers have some form of statcounter on their site.  There are probably as many uses for a statcounter as there are people using them, I suppose.

Brock doesn't look at his...

I look at mine everyday.  I like it.  I like to see the different places that people come from. 

I'm that guy who watches an airplane fly over or a train going by and I wonder how many people are on that plane and where are they going?  What are they going to do when they get there?  How many had a fight with their spouse or child before they boarded that train?  Are they going on vacation to someplace they've never been?  Heading home to loved ones?

When I'm flying away from home I often get melancholy when I look out the window and see the cars on the highways below.  I watch the hustle and bustle from the air and wonder the same things.  Who?  Where?  Why?

I rarely feel melancholy when I'm heading home, though :)

I do the same thing in the airport, at a baseball or hockey game, at the mall, in the park...  I watch people.  I wonder who they are.  I wonder where they have been, why are they in such a hurry?  Where are they going?

I cannot help myself.

Its the same way with the stat counter.  I wonder who is visiting.  I wonder where they live.  I wonder what they do and I wonder where they have been.  Who are they?  What have they done in their lives?  What is their story?

So many stories.  Every one is different, but somehow the same.

I see the people that visit every day.  Some of the IP addresses are from businesses.  (surfing instead of working?  LOL)  Some apparently from homes.  Army posts in the US and around the world.  Navy and Air Force bases.   All sorts of foreign addresses all around the world.  Sometimes I do Google or wiki searches on the places that people come from just to get an idea of the world that they live in.  It's amazing.

Naval Network Information Command, US Army Information Systems Command.  DHS.  DOD.  Probably that young person just reading the blogs that us "old timers" write...  :)

I wonder if these are young men and women sitting at a tube somewhere passing time during a long shift, as Paul Duncan said he used to do when he was in the Air Force?  I was in the Army for a long time.  I pulled a lot of duty over the years.  I got tired.  I got lonely.  I got bored.

We didn't have computers.  We didn't have the internet.  We didn't have smart phones.  That was the stuff of science fiction.

I would have been showing up on someones statcounter somewhere if we had the abilities then that we have now.  I would have been surfing the blogs and traversing the internet from end to end.  I would have been that guy from Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany showing up on somone's statcounter.  Or Friedberg, Degenfeld, Hanau, or Durlangen.  Or Fort Hood, Texas.  Interesting places, all.

These blogs are a great way for a person to share his or her thoughts and ideas with others.  It would be even better if it were a two way street where the people reading were able to talk back.  Communicate with each other.  Really share ideas.  Oh, wait!  That can be done!  Comments!  Duh!  Email!  LOL.

I'm being a smart ass.  Sorry :)

I have thought about adding a guest book to the blog but have found that they are a pain in the ass.

Comments are at the bottom of every post. Feel free to speak up.  If you're shy and don't want to talk in public, my email is in the "view my complete profile" section of the sidebar.  Feel free to send a note.  Tell me I suck.  Just chat.  Say hi.  I'm not really an asshole with a bad attitude.  None of the bloggers that I know are like that.  Well, maybe one.  Or two.  ;)  We may have ideas worth sharing.  You never know...


Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...


I have one on my site, but it just shows numbers and not the organization of the useful fools who are visiting.:)

David aka True Blue Sam said...

All of what you said, and I can see if my Mom is OK every morning before I call her. If she doesn't click over to SondraK and Grouchy Old Cripple, Something Is Wrong!

Those clicks also show what needs to be updated or improved on certain posts.

Grog said...

Blue, smartassery can be amusing, especially with the ego idiots that are in mass existence nowdays :) or should that be idiotic egos? lol

Sharing ideas and experiences, even if one just reads without commenting, is obviously a positive side of the webz, as you typed. I remember well some of what you described as it was 40 odd years ago, no cell phones, no internet, snail mail, etc....... and society was better in some aspects for it.

I've never considered you an asshole, just an irascible grouch. ;)

It's always good to read your words, keep on as you are, Sir.

Blue said...

Good morning, folks. Happy Saturday!

Grog... "irascible grouch"? LOL. Probably true. :)

I was born a smart ass and grew up to be an unrepentant smart ass.

My momma loved me just the way I am, so it's all good, eh? LOL. God! I miss that woman.

I've been married to the same woman for over 40 years. Some would say that that says more about her than it does about me. They would follow that up with "she must be a saint" or "Bless her, I don't know how she does it".

I like to say that she's the luckiest girl in the world and that she tells me every day how lucky she feels to have found me. That, of course, wouldn't be true. She doesn't really say that.

The truth is that she is a very patient woman who generally likes children. Even "older" children. You can read into that whatever you will... :)

Anonymous said...

Been enjoying your site for awhile.
I get it.


Blue said...

Jeff from Beaumont... Thanks :)

Mark/GreyLocke said...

I've asked the same thing on my blog. Lot's of interesting visits but no feedback. Oh well, for some of them if they did leave a comment it might get them in trouble.

Blue said...

GreyLocke... Boys and girls just like us, I think. :)

Blue said...

The people who are snoopin' and poopin' aren't leaving any tracks. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from old Bill in Vero Beach Fla

Blue said...

Hello Bill from Vero Beach! Welcome :)