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12 November 2014

The story of a pedophile...

Recommended by David P. in SC... 

The story of a pedophile and the religion of peace.


David P in SC said...

Thank you for putting this up, Brother. In order to argue effectively, you have to not only know your subject, you have to be able to quote chapter and verse.

And here's something else, from the politically correct, as well as the Followers of the Pedophile, that will get your goat.


MADDOG61 said...

What is astonishing is how young girls - not just women - flock to this religion of psychopaths and perverts; to become willing slaves of abusive men with their eyes wide open. Willing to die for these guys. What is waiting for them in "Paradise"? More of this if they're nothing more than pocket lint on Earth? Like liberals, muslims don't let facts get in the way of a good rage.

David P in SC said...

Maddog61, I apologize for speaking out of turn. You called Islam a "religion". It isn't. It's a death cult.

MADDOG61 said...

David P in SC...You are ABSOLUTELY correct, Sir. I should have said - "flocking to this false suicide pact" - where the guys who are encouraging the suicides of others aren't following their own orders. I thought "role models" were to lead by example.