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02 April 2015

Can't refuse pizza to homosexuals...

Could you imagine a state passing a law allowing businesses to discriminate and refuse service because they don't agree with someone's lifestyle? Yeah, actually I can.  ~~~Dustin Dreiling


Here in Iowa these signs on businesses do not carry the force of law.  The business can post these signs and, if you carry anyway, they can ask you to leave.  If you refuse to leave you can then be charged with trespassing.  

You cannot refuse to serve a homosexual a pizza in Indiana but you can discriminate against gun owners in most states.  Why?  Because the business owner has the right to discriminate, based on his personal beliefs (or his fear),  against American citizens exercising a constitutional right.  The right to keep and bear arms.  You can't discriminate against someone simply because they are a homosexual.  Even if you have strongly held religious beliefs that do not allow you to promote homosexuality.

Doesn't seem right, does it?  Someone will figure it out one of these days...  Someone is going to take this ball and run with it.  If you cannot refuse any type of service to homosexuals, how can you restrict the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms?  You can't refuse a homosexual the right to go into parks or schools or courthouses, but the law allows business and government entities to refuse people legally carrying firearms admittance to these places.


Robert Fowler said...
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Robert Fowler said...

"If you refuse to leave you can then be charged with trespassing."

Actually, after they ask you to leave and you refuse, they have to call the coppers. Then, the coppers have to ask you to leave. If you leave, it's over. Only if you refuse to leave for the copper can you be charged with trespassing.

I was a registered lobbyist for Iowa Firearms Coalition ( formerly Iowa Carry) back when we were working to get shall issue passed. We got to go over every law and rule that had to do with guns. I had to spend way too much time with politicians and lawyers. Thankfully, it didn't rub off.

MADDOG61 said...

After working, eating, or speaking with a politian or lawyer I feel I have to take a shower. At least use a lot of hand sanitizer to get the oil off my hand from their insincere, clamy cold limp handshake.

Blue said...

Robert... Thanks for the long version :) And thanks for your work with IFC!!!!!

MADDOG... You never fail to amaze me with your insight. :)

Blue said...

What happens when a moslem refuses to do something?