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"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

17 April 2015

Just like Eric Holder...

Gun Owners of America spearheaded a coalition of almost 30 groups this week and sent a letter to U.S. Senators opposing the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General of the United States.
While GOA has been busy coalescing grassroots opposition against the anti-gun nominee, the battle is far from over.

The vote on her nomination could occur as early as next week.  And right now, the Republican Senate holds “all the cards” in the fight to stop her nomination.  If they hold together, her nomination will be defeated.
And, well it should be.  Lynch has said under oath that she effectively intends to spit on the Constitution -- and continue to implement Obama’s unconstitutional, unlawful and anti-gun executive actions.
Next to Obama himself, Loretta Lynch will be the most important “Lynch-pin” in the administration's efforts to permanently obliterate the Constitution.  Without the active support of the Attorney General -- who, traditionally, has been the servant of the law, and not the lawless president -- Obama's fraud scheme collapses. 


Read it all at the GOA link.  Pay particular attention to the "Supreme Court" comment near the beginning of the article.  Take action, if you are so inclined...  GOA makes it easy to do.


MADDOG61 said...

I wrote my useless senators. I like to irritate them at any chance. "Sir, I know you have direct influence concerning the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General to replace Holder. However, I'd like to make it clear that her successful nomination will mean a female version of Holder. He's basically an enemy of the constitution - I see her track record and responses - as being the same. The POTUS may leave but his questionable semi-dictatorship would carry on if she gets into that position. I don't speak just as a gun owner, but as an American Citizen, and retired Soldier. This country is spirally out of control and the GOP bows to the POTUS in the end after putting on a show of puffing up their chests. When the tough gets going, they bail. We need to get our country back. We need to start here. BTW, if Hillary gets elected, I'm moving to Ireland or Canada and resigning my citizenship.
She's even MORE dangerous than the present administration. I and my family couldn't take 8 more years of what we just experienced."

MADDOG61 said...

Say good bye to the 2d Amendment. Say good bye to police being able to do their job - prevent crime, not REACT to crime. There will be military type tribunals by her henchmen for officers who do their duty. You want division in this country - she'll continue the Holder agenda.