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15 October 2016

Bad Bob...

My platoon leader from the mid 70s posted this Journal article this morning.   He was a young Butter Bar from New Jersey with a Fine Arts degree and a new commission.  I was a young NCO with a few years under my belt, and he became my charge.  He drank beer just fine.  He did OK with German bier, too, after a bit.  I taught him to drink whiskey.   And to smoke cigars.  He has turned out to be a fine man.  Retired a Light Colonel and then spent several years contracting in Afghanistan.  Got married, had kids, and now paints.  His degree, ya know...  ;)

Anyway.  This is a good article.  Read it.  Enjoy it.  Thanks in advance...


Happy Saturday.



Peter said...

Thanks for posting the link. I read it, and posted an excerpt from it on my blog. Good stuff.

Blue said...

Thanks for sharing. I think it's pretty accurate. Here is another link that's pretty interesting...