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29 October 2016

Wouldn't it be lovely...?

assange hillary arrest

Hillary Clinton is having the worst week in the history of American politics. After endless releases of thousands of internal emails leaking from her campaign, the FBI has had their hand forced: The criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton will be re-opened, just 11 days before the Presidential election.
Interestingly, even though 35,594 Podesta emails have been released, they have at least 50,000 more to go!


Wouldn't it be lovely?  A special prosecuter to look into the dealings of Hillary and everyone and everything associated with her.  We can only dream...

A couple of days before the election the FBI will say they have nothing and all of the "undecided" voters who find her incredibly distasteful, but would love to lean toward Hillary, will breathe a huge sigh of relief and do it.  They will vote for her.   Their consciences will be clear and they will forget about all of the corruption that has followed the Clintons all of their adult lives.  It was always a vast Right Wing conspiracy, after all.  The masses will vote for her.  The media will have twisted the truth enough, will have left enough out of their reporting, will have provided enough bias, will have told enough outright lies for another Clinton to win.

But, hey...  12 citizens in Oregon stood up to the Fed and won.  There is hope.


Anonymous said...

Blue, I think Comey's move yesterday, that Lynch tried to stop according to some stories has put the stake through the Old Crunt......she is done. Then add that Assage is suppose to be releasing more material next week that will add the whipped cream and cherry.

I' d like to know how they got involved in AntNee The Weiner perv investigation? That investigation should've involved the NYPD, A DA Office and Dept of Social Services....not the FBI. Just last week the NY Post was reporting that a indictement was forthcoming. No where in any report did I hear that the FBI was involved and if they were for what reason? Sexting with a minor? The FBI?

Why weren't these devices taken by the FBI during Crunton's investigation? Did locals find the classified material and call in the Suits?

President Trump needs to appoint a Special Counsel after being sworn in.

De Oppresso Liber

Irish said...

All those emails had two places to be found. Sender. And. Receiver. They are out there.

Ps. She is a SCRUNT.

Anonymous said...

it is just another lovely day in hell


Anonymous said...

Generally cries of conspiracy are debunked, even ridiculed. However, anyone paying attention cannot be so carless to dismiss conspiracy when it comes to Clinton, the DNC, et al. My prognostication is that before Nov 8th Comey will announce 'nothing to see here'. It will be the shortest FBI investigation in history. It is thus because it too is rigged.

So why was it reopened at all? Because the tenacity of the cries of corruption stemming after Comey's July 5th debacle had to be silenced once and for all. The uncertainty hung like a cold mist and did give cause for the undecided voter to question Clinton and even lockstep Clinton voters to doubt their idol.

So Lynch conspired to let Comey come out of the bag, make his 'findings' and announce the real real (double word intended) end of the investigation. 'Let this be the final word on the matter', Comey says with the air of authority. Clinton wins because the uncertainty is vanquished, Lynch wins because she appears as objective, responsive to political opponents, Comey wins some of his integrity back, Odummy wins his legacy.

The people lose, of course. America dissolves.

Blue said...

I just had a conversation with my dear Liberal cousin in which I told her that both candidates suck and either one will bring a circus to DC. She asked "so, you aren't voting then?", to which I responded "absolutely. The Trump circus will be funnier than the Clinton circus".

In my opinion:

We are in a place where no mater who is elected, we lose. If it is Clinton, I think she will be arrested and imprisoned at some point. I think she is a criminal and I don't think that we can continue to ignore that. She is scandal after after scandal waiting to happen. How can it be otherwise? It has been her place to be involved in scandals all of her adult life. Why would that change just because she is elected President?

Trump will say or do something stupid and will be impeached. I just don't see any way around that. The majority of America and the world are afraid of a man in power who speaks his mind.

We are watching the "Decline and Fall of the American Empire". (not original, I know ;) ) We are witnesses to, and participants in, possibly the biggest event in political history. Like I said earlier... No matter who wins, we lose. The question is, can we recover? What will America, and the world, look like after November 8th? It isn't going to be the same. "Business as usual will not be business as usual". This election has the potential to have fallout similar to a nuclear war. Crazy.

Because we allowed politicians to have too much power. Pork barrel politics brought money to the voters and gave political clout to the politicians.

It was fun while it lasted.

Robert Fowler said...

" I think she will be arrested and imprisoned at some point. "

Tim Kaine as pResident. When he was Governor of Virginia he was one step away from being in prison himself. We're screwed.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't a Trump supporter to begin with, I backed Cruz. I will be supporting Trump come election day.

There aee certain undeniable truths involved here with tbis election:

There is one candidate in this race who is a carrer criminal and it wears a pantsuit.

There is one person in this race who should be charged under RICO, it also wears a pantsuit.

There is one person in this race who shohld be charged with Trason, for approving the sale of U.S. uradium to Russia for a donation to tbeir foundation. It also wears a pantsuit.

There is one person in this race that kneecapped 16 establishment (mostly) rinos and managed to survive. He doesn't wear a pantsuit but evidently does wear a bullet proof vest that none of the establishment wasn't able to dent.

There is one person in this race who had absutely nothing to do with screwing up and creating the current mess we are in. He does not wear a pantsuit.

There is one person in this race who is promising to take on both parties who created the mess we are in. He does not wear a pantsuit.

Is he a die hard conservative?.....Probably not, but he isn't a criminal and he doesn't do pantsuits.

And that is good enough for me and exactly what we need.

De Oppresso Liber

Blue said...

Robert Fowler... Yup.

Anon... I agree with you completely.