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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

14 October 2016

I wonder why...?


Wikileaks has a higher rate of truthfulness and accuracy than any of the listed media sources.  Perhaps the Media should listen to Wilileaks and then report on what they find?


Veeshir said...

I flip over to CNN and Foxnews once in a while.

They are constantly talking about Trump with the very occasional mention of Hillary!'s problems.

The most infuriating was some tool, I forget his name but he's ostensibly "on the right", on the panel on Foxnews at 6:30(eastern) that said something about how Trump is talking about the accusations instead of issues.
He does talk about issues, but all those fools cover are the accusations and his response.
Somehow, they don't seem to mention the proof that the accusations are false that Trump has advanced. The only thing they will say is that they can't say the women are lying, but they "question the timing" and then go off on how Trump is losing over this.
You know, as they've said over every other stupidity their Dem allies put forth.

I am pretty well sick of our fine "elite" betters.

Blue said...

Wikileaks has probably been the most reliable news source available in 25 years. No one wants to bring their information out and then have to answer questions about it. The Left has stopped trying to defend themselves against Wikileaks and have, rather, started to question their morality. Are you fucking kidding me? It is crazy. Hillary should never have gotten this far in this race. I am worried sick. America can't survive another Left wing fool.

Think of Hillary. Think of how bad she is. She is obviously a lying piece of crap. Think about those who would vote for her. They know that she is a lying piece of crap but they will vote for her anyway. It says a lot about her supporters.