"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." ~~Thomas Jefferson

"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

03 August 2013

What we had...

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If you are an American who believes in our Constitution and a traditional "American way of life", watching this video should piss you off.  It is indicative of the methods that each and every appointed representative of the current administration has used to obfuscate the facts each and every time that they have been questioned (under oath) about their criminal activity.  They simply refuse to respond directly.  These "appointed" officials do not represent the people.  They are not guided by the law.  They are not subject to moral or ethical constraints.  They appear to be guided by obama and they seem to do whatever obama wants them to do.  The documents that have been requested by, and turned over to, the Congressional investigators have been redacted to the point that they are unusable.  This happens so often that a "reasonable mind" could logically deduce that someone at the top is providing guidance on how these witnesses should respond to Congressional questioning.  When the pressure mounts, obama goes on the national news and calls these issues "phony scandals".  He has enough mindless followers in the media and across the country that will take up his hue and cry that he can shut any investigation down.  Those who oppose him are branded racists.  The criminal activity continues unabated.

obama has a plan and no one is going to prevent it being brought to fruition.  No one is going to stand in his way.  If you doubt that, take a look back at the actions of this administration over the past 4 2/3 years. 

Bringing "Fundamental Change to America".  Yep.

The investigative arm of the Congress has been effectively neutered since the beginning of this administration.  Go back and look at the videos from the Congressional hearings from Fast and Furious.  Look at the tapes from the Benghazi hearings.  Look at the videos from this IRS "scandal".  Look at the tapes from the investigation of any scandal that has occurred during this administration.  They are all the same.  The witnesses refuse to give meaningful testimony.  The documents that are presented are so heavily redacted that they are of no value to the committees that are investigating wrong doing.  Nothing happens to the liars and no one is held accountable.  Our laws are ignored and used and twisted to allow this to happen.

And the people allow it to continue.

The fabric and the heritage of this nation are being dismantled piece by piece, bit by bit.  There is no indication that it is slowing down.  The current administration ignores any constitutional roadblocks put in its way.  It refuses to be held accountable for its actions.  The tyrants are growing stronger every day.  They are multiplying.  The checks and balances put in place by The Founders are being ignored by the current administration.  The politicians that we have elected (and will elect again) are not doing their job.  They are not representing us, doing our will.  They are remaining as neutral as possible to give themselves the greatest opportunity of being reelected.

And the people allow it to continue.

The witnesses in all of these hearings are obviously in contempt.  Why aren't they being punished?   Is the Congress afraid of the potential reaction of the current administration?  Or is it a dog and pony show that all of our elected officials are complicit in?

Every one of our elected representatives should be getting 100,000 calls, letters, and emails each and every day from people like you and me, people demanding that our Constitution be followed.  They should be feeling the pressure from "the people" to wake up and to honor our Constitution.  Sadly, "the people" are either too lazy or too unconcerned to make those calls and write those letters.

Or there are more people desiring the changes being foisted upon us than there are people opposing these changes.  If that is the case, our system is working the way it was intended to work.

Tell me, who has the upper hand when it comes to influencing public opinion, Progressives or Conservatives?  The Progressives are willing to demonstrate and get in your face at the drop of a hat for any cause they support.  The Conservatives are unwilling to do that.  Why?  A Progressive is willing to immediately and loudly call out anyone who says anything that disagrees with the Progressive cause.  They aren't afraid to call you any name that will shut you up.  A Conservative will remain silent and will go home ashamed of himself for not providing polite rebuttal.  Why?   A Progressive will bring up their cause long before a Conservative will even think of it, leaving the Conservative to defend his disagreement.  A Conservative is always put on the defensive.  Why?

Our heritage and lifestyle are being openly and publicly destroyed and we are sitting back doing nothing to stop it.  Why?    Because we are too lazy to use the system the way our Founders intended it to be used.  We don't make those calls.  We don't write those letters.  We refuse to hold those whom we elect to represent us accountable when they fail in their duties.  We reelect them.  We remain silent because we are afraid of being shouted down by a Progressive.  We are afraid of being accused of racism or intolerance.  We are afraid of being accused of being unreasonable.   We refuse to take part in our "participatory government".  We had the greatest system of self governance on the face of the earth.  We let it slip away.  We lack the willpower to retrieve it for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.  We just want things to remain the way they were.

We have given away our greatest gift, a gift that we had a responsibility to preserve for future generations.  They will never know the joy of providing for oneself through hard work and dedication.  They will be taken care of and will be required to do what their government demands.  Their all-powerful government.  Their Great Provider.

Yet we sit back and draw imaginary lines in the sand, loudly proclaiming that we will take action when the line is crossed.  Then, when the line is crossed, we move it a little bit closer to where we are and we start over.  It is easier to threaten martial action than it is to make the system work the way it was intended to work.  They will continue to cross that imaginary, movable line.  We will continue to move it a little bit closer to ourselves and threaten that the next time is the last time...

Our Founders fought a war to establish this nation so that we wouldn't have to.  They fought and they died to create a free America.  Yet we make believe that war is what our Founders would want us to do to maintain the system they created.  Us being remiss in our duties as citizens is what has brought us to the point that we are at today.  We're too late.

The only weapon that obama and his followers really have to control this nation is their ability and willingness to call those opposed to them "racists".  They know how to use that weapon and they are not afraid to do so. They are experts with their weapon.  Think about that.

Our Founders would be very disappointed in us.  We have failed them, and ourselves.  We have failed future generations of Americans.

I'm done for now.  I'm tired.

Perhaps you can remember fondly what we had.

Stay safe.

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