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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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23 January 2015

Nobody bats an eye...



SunwolfNC said...


You're no doubt NOT familiar with the local hero Fitzy and what he has to say about the whole soft balls issue but I give you this so you can be introduced.

In Fitzy We Trust.



Blue said...

Good stuff, Sunwolf, but he's wrong.

The Pats suck.

My Steelers have 6, count 'em, six Super Bowl rings. :)

SunwolfNC said...

Not with the same QB and Coach, though. Another NFL 1st for the NE franchise :)
No QB has been to more SBs. Another NFL 1st...
Would be nice to have won more than 3, obviously...

We cut our malcontents, not keep them as QBs... ;)

Haven't beaten the Pats in the playoffs this century...
Last win agsint them was 1997...

The whole 'we have # rings", though, really comes off like a cryboys fan... not sure that was the intention? ;)

Anyway - I enjoy your blog and humor - we can work on the sportsing thing. All recoveries start with the admission of a mistake *grin*

Blue said...

You have me laughing so hard that I'm crying.

In all honesty, I'm not a big football fan. I see football as a 60 minute game that takes 4 hours to play and ends up with 7 minutes of action. :) I have followed the Steelers since the Steel Curtain days but, nowadays, only when they go to the Super Bowl. I guess I'm not a very serious fan ;)

I have a young supervisor whom I am mentoring who is a Cowboys (Cryboys?) fan. He is so sincere! LOL. I throw a lot of crap his way. I do have a hard time taking football seriously. I hope that doesn't make me Un-American?

Ice hockey (GO FLYERS!) and futbol (GO TOFFEES!) are the sports I like. LOL.

Are you planning to admit to a mistake...? LOL.

I'm glad you come around! Keep it up. :)

SunwolfNC said...

Amen man, amen
" I see football as a 60 minute game that takes 4 hours to play and ends up with 7 minutes of action."

I disconnected the Sunday Ticket this year and haven't missed it. I figure they make enough money they don't need mine, too. if my team makes it into the playoffs then I can watch otherwise, they sucked, right? :)
And not being a diehard sportsing fan is absolutely ok - means you're not a plugging in sheep

You are a true Pit follow though, even the wrong ice team *grin*
Bruins fan here. I took my sports team love with me when leaving MA for NC. Learned to vote here, too. The realization of how Blue MA is, was a little shocking and disappointing. Waking up to reality is hard sometimes!

Glad I found ya online - keep up the good things, Blue!

Blue said...

The Flyers are from Philly and the Bruins suck. Just sayin' ;)

Seriously, though... I'm not a serious sports fan unless the Flyers are playing for The Cup. Then I become serious as a heart attack ;) I get stupid and bet money and lose my ass because they have let me down since 1976. And the Bruins? They're alright ;)

Blue said...

My love for the Flyers is an emotional thing. Terrible.

SunwolfNC said...

Yeah bad mistype on my part - was thinking football - Philly Flyers - not Pitt - my bad.

It'd be nice to see Philly get to the Cup round - I have a special spot in my Hockey Heart for the original 6. The other teams can suck it. Suck it hard.

I stopped betting on my teams the first time I did and they lost - I considered that *my* fault they lost...

This coming from a fan that will change the jersey he wears while *watching* after a loss - you know - to change up the luck ;)

MADDOG61 said...

Glad to see the sheeple have "their priorities" straight. The loss of Freedom doesn't play well on Sunday afternoons. I have often said that most folks could care less if the Hammer and Sychel flew over Wrigley Field - just as long they had football and baseball. We should be outraged and scared that this "deflatgate" has more press than obama bowing and scraping in front of another arab prince.