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24 January 2015

Who created Jihad...?


Excerpts from an article:

Jesus did not create the Inquisition.  Mohammad did create the Jihad.

Jesus’ teachings were 100% the peaceful worship of God and loving thy neighbor, while Mohammad’s teachings were warped, not by others, but by himself to make Islam a religion of war and vengeance.  Where it was Christians who destroyed the Inquisition in the 1600s, Moslems have embraced the Jihad since its inception.  Leftist belief that it is “moderate Muslims” who must confront and eliminate Jihadi Mujahideen (Holy warriors waging Holy war) are fooling themselves via their ignorance of Islam as taught by Mohammad.

Jihad is the foundation of Islam and does not begin with “inner struggle.”  Mohammad waged Jihad against the tribal leaders of Mecca when they refused to acknowledge him as the spiritual leader of the city.  The Left is all about moral equivalencies and confustication of the truth by claiming that Jihadi terrorists are a tiny minority who are “radicals” and “extremists” not supported by the majority when they are, in fact, fundamentalists following the teachings of Mohammad.  Mohammad waged Jihad on Mecca and on people of Medina who spoke out against him and his violent teachings, not because they persecuted him, but because they refused to bow to him.


“Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.” – Muslim Brotherhood motto


American ignorance of Islam is profound.  When people like former President Carter say things like, if people study Islam they will learn it is a great religion, prove that the American Left wallows in ignorance.  No Christian would call an anti-Christian religion great and suggest people learn that it is great.  People of good morals had better learn the truth about Islam before they, too, are seduced by the Dark Side.


The entire article can be found here.  It is long, with several links to sources, but worth the read.  Grab your coffee and sit back and enjoy.


T said...

I agree. As far as Prez Carter, meh, mouth breather. He didn't know squat when he was Prez and he's still delusional.

Blue said...

Good morning, Sunshine... Hope you're doing well! :)

David P in SC said...

Don't fall for moral equivocation. It's a liberal lie.

The Inquistion was centuries ago. That was a very short period, in a small portion of Christiandom. Not a Christian on this Earth, today, is proud of it Jihad exists to this day. Muslims rally to it.

Sharia is very real, folks. It's the basis of Islam. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim Islam is not a religion, it's a death cult.

Blue said...