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27 January 2015

Rumor has it...


That Bowe Bergdahl is finally being charged with desertion.  Will it stick?  Maybe.  Will obama "pardon" him?  Probably.  He did trade 5 of Al Qaeda's worst for him, after all...  Don't want to screw up the narrative, ya know.  :)

Story here.

More here.

The denial here.

Eddie Slovik.


MADDOG61 said...

I'm convinced this guy deserted to become a taliban fighter. At some point he had an enpithany that he didn't fit in with his new friends and wanted out. His new friends decided he could be a liability - after they recorded all the info he (willingly (?)) gave them. A divorce was imminent. Now, he becomes a "hostage" and hopes a Jessica Lynch rescue effort will be mounted for his benefit. And nobody seems to remember (or WANT to remember) that this wasn't the first time he just walked away from his unit. Eddie wanted to go home; this guy wanted to become traitor. Like they say; in other countries they shoot traitors - in the US they join the democratic party. Obama won't shoot a potential voter. He's a waste of resources and time.

Blue said...


When I mention Eddie Slovik it is so people will remember the potential consequences of desertion. Bergdahl's desertion from his unit appears to have caused the deaths of fellow soldiers. Fuck Bergdahl.