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07 January 2015

The religion of peace...


Murder attack at the magazine Chalrie Hebdo


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Moderate Muslims must step up and speak out...

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SunwolfNC said...

They're too afeared. They have to go to church with these psycho assholes - there's no WAY they'll out them. Personally; if there's an attack like the paris one here in the US? It'll be high time for interment camps again. Stage em up and get them the fuck out; free trip home to your country of origin; barred from ever returning. Kthx bye!

MADDOG61 said...

Unfortunately, we had an attack here - 3000 civilian and military worth - and yet, we still didn't think that cause to kick them all out or put up camps. The US did it after 07 Dec 41. Why not now? 12 won't make any difference. I'm with you Sunwolf - do it and apologize later. France and the UK are now reaping the benefits of an overly liberal immigration policy. We should be heeding those warnings and yet, we aren't. Maybe if some politico's daughter or son got beheaded on Youtube there would be some action. Until that time, complacency and arrogance will prevail and cloud common sense. If the US is "in charge" of being it's policeman, then let's be in charge and lead the way!

MADDOG61 said...

Another thing - the 90% of muslims that don't condone the 10% radicals are nothing more than enablers. When have you seen the "other 90% 'good' muslims" actually turn in or ostrasize any radical? They lie by omission. I may not have done it, but I won't actively turn in those who do. So, reap the rewards of "guilt by association" and suck it up. Like GWB said, "If you aren't with us, then you're against us." Can't have it both ways.

Dan said...

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. There exists two types of Islamics....the radical Islamics who kill and the cowardly Islamics who are too afraid to act but happily support the active killers. BOTH groups are Muslim and BOTH groups are evil. Any Muslim who does not support jihad and the murder of infidels....meaning anyone who isn't Muslim....is an apostate and hated even more than us kefir's.

Moderate Muslim is a contradiction.....if one is moderate one cannot be Muslim. If one is Muslim it is not possible to be moderate.

Blue said...

Gentlemen, thanks for your comments! :)

I know nothing is ever simple... ;)