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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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06 March 2016

If obama had a son...


Link here.



B P said...

Nope. He'd look like a drug addled young thug attempting to murder a man by smashing his head into the pavement, and getting shot for the effort. He said so himself.

Blue said...

No surprises there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes he would. He would definitely look like a male model, wearing a marine uniform. As evidenced by his daughters close affiliation with the modeling community.

You don't think the USMC actually uses Marines to pose for posters do you? Nope. Metrosexuals from NYC who are looking to make their big break into the glamorous lifestyle of male modeling. Exactly what I would expect from a pampered Obama son.


Blue said...

Good point. As phony as the man himself.