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09 March 2016

You decide...

BREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they stopped. Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy...
Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This is a link to a video, I think.  I'm not a techie.  It could disappear, I suppose...


Grog said...

Here's two corrobating(sp)links, Blue.



This was murder.

Adrienne said...

I read somewhere that the Feebies are now under investigation. We can hope.

Anonymous said...

When you use words like "treason" to describe a simple criminal act, you lose me. On top of that, I have no access to any evidence that I can rationally examine. So this is all just internet "Jerry Springer" time. Pictures and video on the internet, produced by advocates with a history of hyperbole are not "evidence". Even under the most charitable assessments, they are seeing what they want to see because it conforms to their own narrative of the world.

--Genericviews (posting as anonymous because blogger, wordpress, Firefox and my work browser don't play friendly with each other).

Blue said...

Grog... Thanks.

Adrienne... They were apparently less than honest during the investigation and failed to share that their agents fired at least 2 shots during this melee. There is (or was) an internal investigation ongoing trying to determine if there was misconduct on the part of their agents for not reporting that they fired their weapons.

Genericviews... Agreed. The "treason" thing is outlandish and over the top. It's almost embarrassing when a person or group who seemingly wants to be taken seriously opens their argument with "treason".

It is over, the shooting has been deemed justified, the case has been closed. Move along now, nothing to see here.