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25 October 2012

Ask yourself...

You have to ask yourself why there isn't much in the media any longer about the Benghazi attacks that claimed the life of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and the lives of 3 other Americans.  It's just been sorta swept under the rug and made to disappear.  Why is that?

Many questions have been raised in the "alternative media" regarding this incident.

Remember that obama and his gang of criminals lied about this for 2 weeks before they finally admitted that it was organized terrorist cells doing the attacking and killing.

obama and his thugs didn't tell the American people that a Predator drone circled the US Embassy compound, transmitting live video back to government officials, as the battle raged.  They knew, in real time, exactly what was happening.  They watched it happen, yet they did nothing to help.  The terrorists held Ambassador Stevens for nearly 7 hours before murdering him, according to some accounts.  Also, according to some accounts, the locals who had been hired to protect the Embassy dropped their weapons and ran when the battle broke out.  US Marines used to protect US Embassies.  WTF changed that?

We've all heard the stories about requests for more security in the months prior to the attack being ignored.

obama and his crew of Communists didn't send help from a US Navy battle group stationed just minutes away in the Med.  A QRF stationed in Southern Italy, an hour or so away, wasn't dispatched to help.


Something stinks about this whole thing.  Something smells real rotten.

It almost seems as though they were intentionally left hanging without support.

The pieces don't fit together yet.  There are more questions than answers.  I'm surprised obama isn't exercising executive privilege or something to cover his skinny black ass.

How long can obama's liberal base of lodes ignore his ineptness?  Perhaps it's more than being simply inept?

I think that there is so much corruption in the current administration that it will take years for the legal community and the historians to sort it out.

I wonder how much media attention it would be getting if Bush were still President?


Stay safe.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It all stinks to high Hell! If you lay with dogs you get fleas! As Justin so aptly put it:
"As I have said before, I believe that this was nothing more than actions and consequences. There are consequences to interventionism, and if one cannot see the danger of helping international terrorists (who have openly declared war on America) violently overthrow a government, there's not much I can do to help."

Anonymous said...

So, Stephens was a really awesome super patriotic American doing good, spreading liberty and freedom, representin' for We the People?

OR was he actually running guns, rockets, bombs and assorted other nasties for Al CIAda, and somebody decided maybe he and his close associates were a loose end that needed to be tied up?

OR was he doing all that and somebody decided they didn't like Al CIAda being armed to help overthrow the Syrian government and decided to take the G-man out?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Blue said...

Anon 23:34... Thanks for the link :)

Anon 10:34... Yep, it stinks and there is no way to avoid the fleas. And yes, I think Justin pretty much nailed it.

Anon 14:11... I don't know if Chris Stevens was a really awesome super patriotic American doing good or not. Don't even know if he was representin'. All I know is that the whole deal reminds me an awful lot of Bill Clinton's promise of support followed by inaction during the Mogadishu debacle. People died believing that they were doing the work of the American government. And why wouldn't they? They had the word of the President of the United States. The government let them down.

Your potential scenarios are all possible. Having some idea of the depths to which the current administration and it's figurehead "leader" are willing to sink in order to end America makes them more than possible. Plausible, for sure. Perhaps probable.

Yes, absolutely, inquiring minds want to know :)