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08 January 2013

Organizing against gun control...



Looks like folks are starting to band together to fight potential new gun control efforts.

Stay safe.


David P said...

This makes complete sense. Instead of a disjointed effort, by several competing organizations, let's form a coalision. The NRA is conspicuously missing from the list. I'm an NRA life member, but I've always felt that the powers that be, within the NRA higherarchy, are kinda Second Amendment snobs.

The organization has tremendous clout, but it's too big and ponderous to be nimble. I'm not at all a Lapierre fan. He's a slow thinker. He did poorly on Meet The Press.

Larry Pratt did well against Piers Morgan, on the other hand.

hiswiserangel said...

The NRA has become the EVIL GUN LOBBY. This needs to be a true grass roots movement (with a gun behind every blade of grass).

David P said...

The NRA has been designated as "Big Guns" much like Philip Morris was assigned the name "Big Tobacco"; big equals evil. I wonder why people can't see the evil in Big Government.

It could very well be that the NRA has agreed to stay in the background, and use it's political influence behind the scenes, while the smaller organizations, like Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation, do the grunt work.

At any rate, it's gratifying to see this coalition of firearms advocacy groups come together. It's my hope that they will be able to maintain a unified front, with a single agenda: no compromise, and complete defeat of all gun ban/restrictions proposals. Maybe this is the vangaurd in a new era of firearms advocacy.

Or maybe I'm whistling passed the graveyard.

David P said...


David P said...

Molon Labe

Brock Townsend said...

Very good. Posted.