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09 January 2013


According to the gun review site, "Haus of Guns," backorders for the Magpul AR-15 30-round magazine ("PMAG") have surpassed one million.

In a Facebook post dated today, January 9, Haus of Guns writes the following:
"Had breakfast with a buddy who has reasonably close ties to the Magpul family.  Word is the great PMAG panic backorder of 2012/13 has topped 1 million at Magpul HQ."

Magpul is a designer and manufacturer of firearms accessories.  The PMAG is one of their most popular products.  It is a 30-round magazine designed for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Sales of firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories have surged in recent weeks over fears that the Obama administration will soon implement stricter gun laws.

Dianne Fenstien (D-Calif.) plans on introducing legislation that would ban military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Read it all here.


I'm glad I don't need any magazines.  Or parts.  Or pretty much anything related to guns.

Stay safe.


David P said...

I read that Brownel sold a year and a half worth of magazine inventory, within three days of the murders in CT.

Blue said...

Yep. I read that, too...

I buy my mags at DSG Arms... They are completely out. Yes, I have to admit that even though I have plenty, I want more. Just in case, ya know. :)

Grog said...

CDNN is backlogged, J&G is real low on stock, all of us know about cheaperthandirt by now, hinterland outfitters is low on stock, etc........

What did the slackers think was going to happen? they could pick up something from the street after action? this isn't a movie. Idiots. :/

Blue said...

Grog... Add to the legitimate (?) demand and needs of gun owners the fact that a whole bunch of people bought a whole bunch of magazines (as well as other firearms related parts) to sell at gun shows and on eBay... Some of those "folks" are making a whole lot of money selling what they bought because people who need (or want) these items are willing to pay whatever is being asked for them. Hell, LuckyGunner is selling 55 gr. FMJ .223 PMC at a buck a round.

Capitalism? Sure. The ugly side of Capitalism? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I know... supply and demand. It's a cold hard fact of economics.

Like I said, I am glad that I currently own what I think I may "need" in the near future.

It's also getting to the point where reloading supplies are getting scarce.

Grog said...

Yeah, I should have written that differently, Blue, not everyone who's been buying over the last 3 weeks is just trying to catch up. To those people, I apologize.

Blue said...

Grog... The "slackers" have had at least 4 years to stock up and get ahead. No sympathy for them from me.

I wonder how many of the people selling at ridiculous prices are Libs who hate guns, but will sell their nasty souls to the Devil to make a buck?

I do feel bad for the folks who are late to the party and are finding it incredibly expensive to do today that which they should have done earlier. Well, I feel bad for some of them. Well, for a few of them.

It's a crazy time, no? :)

Brock Townsend said...

Hey, great!

David P said...

Any conspiracy theorists wonder who had the millions of dollars neccesary to buy up all that inventory? Hmmmmmmmm?