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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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01 March 2013

Drugs and kids...

We didn't have ADHD when I was a kid.  (It hadn't been invented yet :))  We had discipline and were held accountable for our actions.  Sometimes painfully accountable.  :)

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

" Sometimes painfully accountable." :)

Boy howdy, that's the truth. My mom had a big black belt that she would take to us kids, it made you sit up and pay attention, I'll tell you!
Miss Violet

Blue said...

I felt the belt or the paddle or the lilac switch more than once :)

Mike Miles said...

They took away discipline and replaced it with medicating children. Despicable.

Chams90 said...

I miss them days best in my life

Old Bob said...

My mom's favorite was an 18-inch ruler, or an unplaned lath.
In front of all us kids for shame factor.

Blue said...

Mike... Exactly!

Chams... :)

Bob... Yep, "public humiliation". We got that too. :)

SUERTE said...