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27 March 2013

Filibuster and threats from on high...

White House Warns Cruz, Paul, Lee Not to Filibuster Gun Control Bills

White House Warns Cruz, Paul, Lee Not to Filibuster Gun Control Bills

Rand Paul’s leading of a filibuster over the executive authority to drone bomb Americans was extremely effective: a whopping 50-point turnaround in public opinion on the issue. As Paul alluded to, it was ‘just the beginning.’
Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have signaled they will filibuster “any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.” White House press secretary Jay Carney has already issued a thinly veiled threat from the White House.
“Filibusters of efforts to move forward with common-sense measures to reduce gun violence would be unfortunate,” Carney said. “We have worked with Congress, with the Senate, to try to advance the elements of the president’s plan that require legislative action and these again are common-sense measures.”
The word ‘unfortunate’ is suggestive — kind of like how a guy who owns a loan shark ten grand falls down a flight of stairs and that is ‘unfortunate.’ In any event, one doubts these three Senators will cut and run on their principles, just because of a warning from the president or insinuations that they just don’t care as much about gun shooting victims.

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Seems to me that Paul, Cruz, and Hill have the right idea.  Of course they are trying to gain political capital with Conservatives in preperation for the next election, but that's alright.  It's the way it works.

I'd like to see a few more congresscritters grow a pair...

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Good men.

Walter Zoomie said...

I would very much like to kick Carney in the nuts.

Blue said...

Brock... Yep.

Zoomie... over and over.