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07 December 2012

Deer hunting...

Deer hunting starts tomorrow at sunrise.  Actually, at 6:57 a.m., 1/2 hour before sunrise.  I plan to be in place long before that.

Almost done getting the gear together.  Using the 870 Tactical this year.  Ghost ring sights.  We'll see.

Missing a neoprene sock.  Major suckage.

"Honey, do these pants make my ass look fat?"

"Is it important?"


"Your ass is fat"

"Oh.  Thanks"

Supposed to snow tonight.  :)

Anyway... 4 a.m. comes early.

Stay safe.

Found the other neoprene sock.  It was inside the first one.  Whoot!


S. said...

Shoot straight, stay warm, have fun.

Blue said...

S. ... Those are my exact plans. Thanks! :)

Brock Townsend said...


Walter Zoomie said...

Rudolph and Bambi weep.
Good luck.
We expect blood and gore photos.

chinasyndrome said...

Good luck Bro!


Rich T said...

While horns are pretty, the littles ones taste the best.

Good luck.

David said...

Kill da wabbit!

Miss Violet said...

We always went for a dry doe. Good eats. ;)