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15 December 2012

How convenient...

So Hillary apparently "blacked out" and fell and sustained a concussion.  How convenient.  Wasn't she scheduled to testify before the Senate regarding the Benghazi murders debacle?

I wonder if she'll remember what happened so she can truthfully testify?  Surely she is the one person who can clear it all up for us.

Heal quickly, Hillary.  Your country needs you.

Stay safe.


Mike Miles said...

I don't believe it for a second. She will continue to stall to try to outlast the truth seekers.

Blue said...

Mike... Agreed. Can't believe she'll be truthful when (if) she does testify. Sad to have to feel that way about high ranking government officials.

Rich T said...

Got drunk because Bill wanted some and passed out. :)

Blue said...

Former Ambassador John Bolton says she is faking it to avoid having to testify. He called it "diplomatic illness". She will apparently send aides to testify on her behalf. That makes her a coward, in my opinion, and unworthy of her position.