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05 December 2012

Where are the WMDs...?

Good article.  Here's the link.

Anyone with a brain can now figure out where Saddam's weapons of mass destruction went.  Of course, I think everyone other than the Liberals already knew this.  Why didn't the Liberals know?  Because other Liberals told them there were no WMDs.

Read the comments.

Below is from FNC Pentagon Producer Justin Fishel:
I can confirm from a senior US official that sarin gas has been mixed and is ready to use. They have 60 days to use it until it expires and needs to be destroyed.
[note the shelf life of the mixed sarin gas is 60 days]

Stay safe.

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David said...

I read a book, written by a Navy S.E.A.L., which claimed that there were 652 incidents of chemical weapon use, detection, or confiscation, during our tenure in Iraq.