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11 December 2012


4" GP 100.  Had to go to Wisconsin to get it.  It's a hassle harder than it needs to be for an Iowan to purchase a handgun in Wisconsin.  Buy the gun, have an FFL from the other side of the river come across and pick it up, go to his shop in Iowa and do the transfer.  It actually went pretty smooth today.  The last time I bought a pistol in Wisconsin was on a Saturday afternoon.  Same procedure but not quite as smooth due to being late in the afternoon.  Ahhh well, it all works out.  :)

It was the only one they had.

Stay safe.


Brock Townsend said...

Purdy thing.:)

Blue said...

Thanks, Brock. She's a hefty thing. :)

Brock Townsend said...

I carry the LCR .357 in my pocket and it's 17 ounces empty, but only five shots, though I trust it over a seven shot .380.

Blue said...

The wife was asking a lot of questions about the LCP today. She likes the size, I think. I pointed out that the LC9 isn't much bigger and is a bit more powerful and that my XDS isn't all that big, either :)

The best part is that after all these years she is showing some interest in something larger than a .22. That makes me smile.

The Lord knows that there are plenty of guns around here bigger than a .22 and she can shoot any of them any time she wants to. (She has been to the range plenty and knows what the recoil is like on the .40 and .45acp pistols and she doesn't want to shoot them.)

Every time I have suggested a larger caliber handgun she has responded with "I like my .22". I tell her "that's fine" and leave it at that.

We'll see... Baby steps :)

chinasyndrome said...

Congrats Bro! Fine gun.I wanted Gp 6'' but the funds dicated the Taurus 66 6'' turned out fine very accurate and dependable.Still a ruger fan.I have more Rugers than any other. I mean if I had guns i would have Rugers. Yeah mine all got swept away in the flood of 2011 Horrible thing that was!


Blue said...

Thanks, China.

I'm thinking that I might head out to the range for a bit this morning :)

I like your 66. It felt good in my hand. I've had my eye on the GP100 for a long time. I think we talked about it in Indiana... Yep, I'm sure we did. :)

I know how you feel about that flood and losing all of your weapons. Truly a sad thing. Stay strong, Bro.