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23 December 2012

Fire Sights...

I had mentioned earlier that I had plans to upgrade the sights on my new GP100.  The factory sights include a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation and a solid black front sight.  There is no contrast between front and rear sights when acquiring a sight picture and that problem is compounded when trying to acquire a black target.

I ordered a set of Williams Fire Sights on Monday and received them today.  They are simple fiber optic sights, and from what I can tell, much more user friendly than the original factory sights that came installed on the gun.  The front sight fiber optic is a single red dot and the rear sight consists of 2 green dots.  Pretty standard set up.

They were very simple to install.  Google "change front sight GP100" to see how it's done.  Pretty slick.  The front sight has a pin above the muzzle that you depress with a small punch or other suitable tool.  Depressing this pin allows you to remove the front sight with your fingers.  Installation is simply the reverse of removal.  

Changing the rear sight required the removal of a small pivot pin that goes through the frame of the revolver and through the rear sight base, and the elevation screw from the top of the sight base.  There are 2 small springs beneath the rear sight base that assist in the elevation adjustment that are retained with the new sight installation.

Start to finish it took me about 15 minutes. 

These are not night sights but they are very bright if there is even a minimal light source.

I think they are much easier to see than the original sights and, at least in the basement, it is easy to get a good sight picture.  They fit well and the finish is pretty good.  They are made completely of anodized aluminum except for the fiber optic tubes.

I figured for $50 shipped, I couldn't go too far wrong.

Perhaps some of you have used these sights before?  They make them for a wide range of guns.

I will report back later on how they work at the range.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Above all, have a merry Christmas, Blue!

Blue said...

Merry Christmas, Jim. I hope it's a great one! :)