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"Who will protect us from those who protect us?"

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"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

19 December 2012

From National Review...

Another from David P.  He's been busy today.  :)

"What happened in Newtown is not an occasion for a national political 'conversation.' It is an occasion to reflect on why we have political conversations at all. ... It is easy, and in moments of despair such as Friday quite understandable, to scream 'more' to gun control, 'more' to the morass of airport-style security that is spreading its way across our institutions, 'more' to the diagnosis and institutionalization of the mentally ill. But it is much harder to write the laws that would have guaranteed Adam Lanza could never find a gun, or enter a school by force, or go without what diagnosis, treatment, and supervision he might have needed. And hardest of all to write them in such a way that the republic we'd be left with would still look like America in the ways we value most. This is not so say such laws cannot or should not be written -- in the field of mental health, in particular, we think there are commonsense reforms that might make tragedies such as Newtown less likely -- but merely to caution humility and care in their crafting. The need for humility is especially acute in the case of gun control. The irreducible challenge the Second Amendment poses to gun restrictionists is that it does not bestow upon the people a right they previously lacked. It proscribes the government from infringing upon a right the people already have. It is not that the people are allowed to arm. It is that the government is disallowed to disarm them. The practical consequence of living for nearly two-and-a-half centuries under the almost universally benevolent protection of the Second Amendment is a society in which there are hundreds of millions of guns, in which 47 percent of families and nearly as many Democrats as Republicans own guns, and in which the dissent over the sacrosanctity of gun rights is heard largely because of the overrepresentation in the media of the coastal, urban Left. Those upset with the order of things are welcome to try, and doomed to fail, to repeal the Second Amendment via the constitutional process. But the guns of America aren't going anywhere any time soon, and generic calls to 'do something' -- even insofar as doing something is desirable -- must reckon with this fact." --National Review


Makes sense, right?

My question is:  What causes all of the "mental illness" that we are so fond of talking about and so fond of blaming for all of these recent killings?

I think that it is caused by an emptiness in the lives of our children.  The lack of a solid foundation on which to build their lives.  They are searching for something that they don't have.  Some may know what they are looking for but I suspect that most do not.  They are missing security.  They are missing love.  They are missing acceptance.  They have no goals.  They are merely existing, going through the motions.  It is a societal problem, a societal issue.  It isn't something that we need to throw tons of money at.  We need families again.  Families who love and support each other, who take care of each other.  Families who want to succeed based upon their own toil and who want their children to succeed in the same way.

Leaders of this country have tried to implement Socialism (or Marxism or Communism, or whichever -ism you want to use) for many years.  Lyndon Johnson was the one who really understood Lenin.  "Give me four years to teach the children and the seeds I have planted will never be uprooted"  ~~Vladimir Lenin.  That is what Johnson accomplished.  He planted the seed that turned our American education system into the Socialist producing factory that it is today.  Lyndon Johnson oversaw fundamental change in the way our children are taught and what our children are taught.  The same scope of change obama wants to implement when he talks about fundamentally changing America.  Johnson opened the doors to the Progressives who were more than willing to jump in and run with the ball.  Our children are being taught a revisionist version of history.  A version in which America is not the greatest country on earth.  They are taught that the collective is more important than the individual.  They minimize the accomplishments of America and Americans.  They make our children ashamed of our past.

Nothing will ever change in this country until we take back the education of our children.  Nothing.  That is where these troubles started and it is where they will end.

Public education is a reality and a necessity.  Curriculums must be set at the local level.  Parents and local citizens must be involved in the education of our children.  They must keep their local school boards and local school officials in line.  They cannot allow them to stray.

It isn't complicated.  It won't be easy.  It has to happen for the long term survival of the America we remember and hold dear.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Amen. I would even go so far as to say that American mothers should strive to stay home and raise their children to be good people with values instead of worring about earning a buck and keeping up with the Jones' and having a snowmobile, a boat, and three four wheelers in the driveway. To let our men be men and provide for their families and the women to be wives and mothers who take pride in what they do...but, hey, I'm just old fashioned that way I guess.

Blue said...

Miss V. ... I live in a town where the UAW builds John Deere tractors. I know about the old car, the new car, the new pick up, the camper, the motorcycles, the jet skis, the boat, the snow mobiles, and the four wheelers in the driveway. Strange to need all that stuff. The toys usually sit until the sun causes them to rot.

Hope you're doing well!

Adrienne said...

It started way before Johnson - although it picked up quite a head of steam under him. You need to go back as far as Dewey in the early 1900's.

You can read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education online.

Google the title and scroll down to the pdf of the entire book. The first chapter covers Dewey quite well.

Blue said...

Adrienne... I downloaded the book quite some time ago. A lot of interesting information there. I agree that it started long before LBJ, though Johnson provided the funding with his totally communist Great Society. So many things were happening in America in the 60s... Wow. :)