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26 December 2012

Feeding frenzy...

If you haven't already done so, go to eBay and search for "AR15 magazine".

It's insane.  Watch a couple of auctions as they end.  I hate to say it, but it's entertaining.

Folks are paying $50 to $125 each for AR mags.  Wow.  New or used, it doesn't matter.


There was an auction earlier in the day for 10 new DSG aluminum mags with no tilt followers for $1399.95 "Buy it Now".  DSG has none of these in stock now, but when they do they sell for $85 for 10.   I just checked and it appears that someone bought them for $1399.95.  10 magazines.  Wow.

Here is another one that is going on now...

I'm glad I don't need any more AR mags right now :)

Stay safe.


KurtP said...

Hmmmm.......my Beretta 94 is black...
I wonder.....????

Blue said...

Beretta 94, as in Chevrolet? :)

Brock Townsend said...

Should have bought a gun store when I started stocking up in July of 2008.

Blue said...

Brock... No kidding! I went to my local gun store on Monday to buy some .357 magnum and some reloading supplies. Whoa! They are almost out of guns!

I bought their last 2 boxes of .357. I bought their last pound of H110 and their last pound of Universal. They have no primers other than a very few magnum rifle primers.

Crazy! :)