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"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." ~~Goethe

04 January 2014

A rant from Ron...

Ron is a reader who occasionally sends me, and a few others, his thoughts via email.  Always thoughtful.  Always enjoyable.  This one is special ;)  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.  Sit back, relax and read... 

Haven't gone full-rant mode for a coupla weeks now . . . builds up in the system, y'know, and you gotta let it out or your spleen attacks your liver.  This one got a little longer than my standard spiel -- kinda developed legs of its own and ran off in all directions -- but it's still in my style and voice, so .  . . .

The Obamaneria pandemic that went wildly and globally metastatic in 2009 may have run its course.  I read this morning that Lech Walensa called Obama a “dangerous disappointment,” and have heard that Kenya now claims he was born in the US.  http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/01/02/obamas-a-dangerous-disappointment-to-world-ex-president-of-poland-tells-cnn-91739

It’s entirely possible that we will see far less of the genuflecting and salivating by limousine liberals and brainwashed blacks at the mere mention of his name.  Rumor has it that the South Chicago African-American Children’s Kazoo and Marching Band declined an offer to accompany him in a jazzed-up version of “Ol’ Man Ribber.”  But it’s too little too late, I’m afraid.

Liberals still do not seem to realize that it’s counterproductive to raise children in an environment where consequences for their actions and decisions never materialize.  And in any case, even if they did, their fallback credo would be “We want our children to think outside the lines, to be creative, independent, innovative – and to do exactly as they’re told.”  That credo, of course, applies to all illegals in the country, particularly where it comes to voting once full amnesty and citizenship status is bequeathed them.

To paraphrase Cicero, Liberals are not born; they are excreted.  The typical liberal is one who believes that Obama and Pelosi and Clinton have been doing a great job for us, but if asked to list, for example, the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton as SecState for FOUR YEARS they suddenly become mute.  At that moment they realize they’re not clever enough to argue with an informed conservative, but they still intractably believe that the conservative is wrong, despite facts and reality.

Washington is a small but entrenched enclave of parasites camped on the Potomac who believe that total central government is far superior to any amount of self government.  Most of their efforts go into activities for which they feel entitled and are obscenely overpaid, and for which most people would expect to be horsewhipped if caught at.

Soetoro is a non-native moron with unverifiable credentials and an unavailable, untraceable history.  He’s living, well-dressed proof that education is not wisdom and doesn’t necessarily correlate to ability or understanding.  Put another way, attending prestigious schools is not the same thing as becoming educated.

He’s accomplished nothing constructively noteworthy that I can detect in his 5 years in office.  He came in with majorities in both houses of Congress, and the only thing he got done was his “signature” piece of legislation, which came out of the gate after three years’ planning and preparation like a drunken penguin sliding down a glacier toward a whirlpool.

He had the entire mainstream media with their tingly legs and their nerf-ball questions trumpeting his audacity and hope, but the economy still floundered like a disposable diaper in a K-Mart parking lot and his staff of geniuses had to cook the books to skew unemployment figures down below 8 percent before the election.  He also had to have Sweet Rice Pudding throw herself on the altar with unending echoes of the Benghazi snafu’s resulting from a cheap video disparaging a 7th century dope addict and child molester. 

He was re-elected because he lied to the American people at a critical time just before the genelec, and he’s been lying to blacks since he set up squatter housekeeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Pay equity and unemployment have both worsened for blacks since he took office, but he shucked and jived his way into getting the ethnic loyalty vote, along with the ignorant liberal (para 4 (above)) vote.

Soetoro has gone from shining inspiration to undisguised burlesque to cheap melodrama to abject farce in shorter time than it took for Germans to realize they’d been had by a paranoid megalomaniac back in the 30s and 40s.  But people still adored Schickelgruber, and any disagreement with the Obamessiah is shouted down as overt racism by the Sharptons and Jacksons and other left-wing acolytes.

I wonder if it’s because he didn’t have a nemesis, a foil, a worthy opponent to highlight his strengths.  After all, Beowulf had Grendl, Hamlet had Fortinbras, Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty, McEnroe had Borg, Clay had Frazier, Evert had Navratilova, Bush had the mass media, and Clinton had his penis.

Along those lines, of course, Hillary has her penis envy, and I won’t be surprised if after she becomes our second “first” she reveals that her choice of romantic partners is the same as her husband’s.  But what does Soetoro have?

Oh, sorry . . . he has the Affordable Care Act.  Lost my head there for a moment.

But back to reality here.  I just don’t think we’ll ever be able to vote ourselves out of this disaster that extended life expectancy combined with nanny-state mentality has plowed us into like an overloaded 767 trying to land on Mt. Rushmore.

While we have more than half the people in the country dependent upon welfare and food stamps and MedicAid and unemployment checks and fraudulent workman’s comp and Social Security disability claims, we have a socialist dilettante flitting around grinning in permanent campaign mode, basking in his ignorance, bloviating in his racism, and pontificating in his conceit.

Even when the popinjay has to go by law (and I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea that he’ll go quietly into that good night of PotUS Emeritus with 6-figure speeches and 8-figure manuscripts and endless appearances), voters will very likely not sweep out the deadwood and drive out the tapeworms in D.C. next November.

Oh, sure . . . if asked, they all say they think Congress is the problem, not the solution, and we need to throw out the whole bunch of ‘em.  But when the ballots hit the box, they’ll continue to vote in the Schumers and the Reids and the Pelosis and the Boxers and the Feinsteins . . . . ‘cause it’s always all “those OTHER bums who are causing the trouble, but MY congresskritter, MY senator is bringing home the bacon, and I’m not gonna throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Nope!  As Ron Paul said a coupla days ago, we now have 40,000 NEW laws taking effect this year.  I spent half the morning yesterday trying to determine just how many laws we had on the books as of LAST year, but that figure is not calculable.  Nobody can tell you how many federal laws we have, not to mention state, county, and city laws which either contradict or conflict with those federal statutes.

So we’ll go through the motions this fall of a mid-term election, and there’s a chance the Republicans will maintain a House majority and either achieve parity or a small majority in the Senate, but nothing will change because the same schlemiel will be there to veto any changes to entitlement programs or debt reduction, and the cruelest  of cuts will be suffered by the military

The KKK (Kapitalism Killers Klub) will remain intact, certified by the Comics Code Authority and backed up by the members of the Ivory Tower Genius & Expert Club and funded by the Secretary of Moneyprinting.  The same CEO of Socialism will wield the pen and rule by EO, creating or discarding law as if by royal decree.

We’ll live for another 3 years of left-wing Carpe Dipshit with the 5 Horsemen:  Debt, Spin, Food Stamps, Wiretapping, and IRS.  Why?  Because Americans have short memories and the DNC knows how to support and promote a candidate with lies, buzzwords, skewed graphics, and history revisions.  Shrillary is the de facto nominee, and all the GOP can offer right now is Krispie Kream, and he’s as RINO in many ways as McCain.  The guys who run the RNC are about as reliable as the guys who run the BCS.

The 5th Horseman’s name is Hopin Ciange, mes amis.  And if Harry Reid comes back to Washington and sees even a glimpse of a Tea Party Shadow, we’ll have six more months of bullshit storms and D.C. manure lock.

O.K.  I’m out.

In my opinion, a most excellent rant.  Thank you for sharing, Ron.


Grog said...

lol, his descriptors are classic snark. :) And very accurate to boot, as you said.

Blue said...

Exactly. :)