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10 January 2014

Restorative justice...

Undisciplining Kids Through 'Restorative Justice'

Re-education: Under new federal guidelines for reforming "discriminatory" school discipline, the disruptive will learn quickly that their teachers must now tolerate even more disruptive behavior.
This is about the only learning that will be going on, especially in inner-city schools, once this insane policy is fully implemented.
This week the Education Department warned the nation's school administrators it's not a good idea to remove unruly kids from the classroom. What about the violent ones? Suspend them only as a "last resort." Think twice about even sending them to the principal, and whatever you do, don't call the cops.
Obama's educrats say minorities bear the brunt of these "draconian" practices. And based on statistics they've cooked up showing racial "disparities" in punishment, they smell school racism on a national scale.
Principals who want to avoid lawsuits and hold on to their funding would be well advised to adopt a "non-punitive" approach to handling discipline problems called "restorative justice," a remedy recommended in the guidance package the department released Wednesday.
This is when irresponsible social policy-making turns dangerous.
Restorative justice, also called reparative justice or distributive justice, is part of a fringe civil rights movement that demands the abolition of prisons. Under this approach to justice, there are no offenders. Just victims. It trivializes crime and has increased recidivism wherever it has been applied.
Intimidated by federal investigations, hundreds of school districts across the country already have hired civil rights activists to train faculty in the finer points of restorative justice.

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Thanks, David P.

Orwell couldn't have said it any better.  We have created a culture of craziness.



Anonymous said...

Restorative justice, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, GONNA LAUGH FOR A WEEK. Let's try Kim Jong Un's trick...feed the most horrid shit worms to the dogs.

Let's start at the top...the Black House.


Blue said...

Yeah, Winston... I'm still laughing, too. :)

Racist said...

Hey don't worry. Once they get home from school their fathers will straighten them ou... oh yeah,never-mind...

Blue said...

Yeah. You're right. Never mind.