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27 January 2014

Conservative success ignored by media...

“It’s the kind of news that should have caused a political earthquake.”

Photo: Watchdog.org
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

That’s how Rush Limbaugh led off a five-minute, full-throated endorsement of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s announcement that with unemployment in the state dropping he wants to cut income and property taxes to return a state budget surplus to Badger State taxpayers – to the people who earned the money in the first place.
Instead, the news about deep-blue Wisconsin’s turnaround under a Republican governor got virtually no attention outside of Wisconsin, Limbaugh said. The mainstream media, he said — the networks, cable, The New York Times, the Washington Post — don’t consider it newsworthy, or don’t want to draw attention to it.
But it’s a lesson for conservatives around the country: Conservative principles can work.
“For us as conservatives, Wisconsin and Governor Walker, everything that we want to happen happened here,” Limbaugh said. “We want somebody who believes in conservatism and can articulate it, who gets elected on that basis and then implements it.
“Everything that we are demanding as voters, everything that you demand as tea party members are demanding, Scott Walker did!”

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David P in NC said...

It doesn't fit the liberal agenda of wealth redistribution. Instead, it's about returning wealth to it's rightful owners.

Blue said...

That is exactly right, David! :)