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04 January 2014

An ideology of hate and rage...

Yeah, I know this goes back to October...

Chris Noth, a star of “The Good Wife” on CBS, isn’t as restrained a politician in real life as he is on TV. Black leftist Marc Lamont Hill spotlighted him as "fascinating" on HuffPost Live for tweeting: “Highest level of racism was showed yesterday when Republicans forced a shutdown of our government. Mostly because our President is black.”

Noth also tweeted “Every Tea Party member should be horsewhipped.” That wasn’t quoted by Hill. But Noth unloaded all the junk about Obama opponents being Confederates, and being un-American for opposing Obama and should "succeed" [sic] from the Union:
CHRIS NOTH: I think it’s gotta be the worst Congress since right before the Civil War, and rightly, who was it? I think was it Carter? Someone called them a bunch of Confederates. (Hill laughs) I mean, they practically are. Why don't they just succeed from the Union at this point?....

MARC LAMONT HILL: I spoke to the head of the DNC yesterday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She told me also that she thought it was personal toward the president. Do you really think this shutdown is race-driven and why?
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2013/10/20/mr-big-gets-small-actor-chris-noth-sneers-tea-party-racist-un-american-a#ixzz2pTQZuJfy


Typical Hollywood Liberal.  Doesn't really know what he wants.

Bring it...  :)

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